Love Divination

Loves Me, Loves Me Not...
Daisy Love Oracle

Loves me, loves me passionately, loves me a little, doesn't love me at all, loves me deeply, doesn't want me, loves me madly, respects me, loves me a lot—this variation of the popular fortune-telling game is known worldwide under various names. This game originates from France and is originally called effeuiller la marguerite. The divination involves plucking petals or leaves of plants while saying the above phrases, until only the last petal remains, which will indicate the feelings of a certain person. For this divination, flowers with petals belonging to the Asteraceae family are most commonly used, such as daisies, chamomiles, etc. Acacia leaves are also used.
To get an answer, pluck the daisy petals by clicking on them. The last plucked petal will indicate the answer.

Loves me! 

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