Love tarot

When ...?

This free love tarot will help you get an answer to any question about a love-related event or relationship. Ask the tarot a question starting with "When ...?", and you will receive a date within a year from the reading. For example, you can ask: "When will he/she come back to me?", "When will he/she kiss me?", "When will he/she ask me out on a date?", "When will he/she become interested in me?", "When will he/she write or call me?", "When will we see each other again?", "When will he/she propose?", etc. If you want the tarot to predict the truth for you, do not mislead the cards and remember not to ask unrealistic questions that have no chance of coming true.
The entire tarot deck, consisting of the Major Arcana (22 cards) and the Minor Arcana (56 cards), was used for the reading. Before choosing the cards, clear your mind, turn away from sad and troubling thoughts, focus, and imagine the person or event the reading pertains to.

When ...?

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