Love test for her

Does he love you?

Read between the lines when talking to a man, because a male-to-female translator has not yet been invented. However, we will help you decode some of his words and what he says. We will reveal his hidden intentions and feelings.
Are you wondering "what does he really feel for me?", "does he love me?", you don't know what to look for when you are together? All you have to do is listen to what he says in different situations and solve this short love test. In response, in addition to information about whether he loves you, we will also analyze what he says, thanks to which you will also find out what he really thinks.
Give the answer according to what you feel, don't hesitate too long, usually the first answer that comes to mind is the real answer. Remember that by answering questions truthfully you will only fool yourself.

Test miłosny. Czy on Cię kocha?

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