Love test

Does my ex still love me?

Breaking up is not easy for either side of the relationship. Therefore, after the breakup, no matter what the reason or who broke up, everyone sometimes wonders "Does he / she think about me?", "Does he feel anything else for me?", "Does my ex still love me?". Thanks to this love test, you will get answers to these questions.
Give the answer according to what you feel, don't hesitate too long, usually the first answer that comes to mind is the real answer. Remember that by answering questions truthfully you will only fool yourself.

Love test. Does my ex still love me?

    "Does he/she still have feelings for me?" - after the breakup of the relationship, everyone asked themselves this question at least once. Below is a brief analysis of some of the signs that your ex-partner may still have feelings for you.

  • He/she still wants to talk to you.
    If your ex is still contacting you on various pretexts, it is an obvious sign that he/she is still thinking about you and feels that this is not the definitive end.

  • He is still interested in your life.
    This often means that he/she longs for the emotional intimacy that you once shared. Maybe he/she does not say it directly, but asks, for example, how are you feeling, how are you, do you have someone, or do they remember pleasant moments? This is an obvious symptom that he/she still thinks about you and has feelings for you.

  • He/she still keeps your joint photos on social media.
    While this is not necessarily a sign that he/she wants to come back to you, it is likely that he/she cannot force yourself to remove them because you still mean a lot to him/her. If your joint photos have been deleted, don't panic just yet. It can also be a sign that he/she is thinking about you and still feels something for you. He/she may have removed them because he/she feels pain and great longing when he/she looks at them.

  • He/she asks mutual friends if you talk about him/her or you mention him/her.
    This way, he/she may want to find out if you are still interested in him/her and if he/she has a chance to talk to you.

  • He/she is still following you on social media and likes your photos, posts.
    This is an obvious sign that he/she is still thinking about you. He/she wants to know as much as possible about what is going on in your life, maybe to demonstrate that he/she is still thinking about you and to see if he/she still has any chances.

  • You often meet randomly in public places, at parties, etc.
    Such meetings do not have to be accidental, he/she met you while with you and knows where you go most often. This may mean that he/she still loves you and misses you, therefore he/she wants to see you often and, if possible, exchange at least a few words with you.

  • He/she contacts you to support you and comfort you when he/she finds out that you have a problem.
    There is no need to explain the situation further as it is an almost sure sign that he/she has feelings for you and wants to so that you know that he/she still cares about you.

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