Love test

Toxic relationship

You may not even realize that you are in an emotionally damaging relationship that prevents you from thriving, in which your partner is an emotional bully. Love is blind, and the fear of change can also be very strong. Sometimes, however, putting everything on one card is the only solution.
This love test is designed to check the most common symptoms and emotional abuse situations in a relationship. There are 28 situations that affect your partner's behavior, the way you interpret them and your feelings. Based on the answers provided, you will receive an interpretation of your relationship whether it is a toxic relationship and whether you need to seek professional help or run away as soon as possible.
Give the answer according to what you feel, don't hesitate too long, usually the first answer that comes to mind is the real answer. Remember that by answering questions truthfully you will only fool yourself.

Love test. Is your relationship toxic?

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