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Love Spell Attracting Your Ex Back to You

You've broken up, but you still love him (her) and want him (her) to come back? This simple spell is designed for that purpose.
You will need:
Love Magic & Spells
  1. -fresh lemon
  2. -piece of paper (preferably pink)
  3. -red yarn or ribbon
Write your name and the name of your ex-partner on the pink paper.
Cut the lemon into two equal halves.
Fold the paper, making sure that your names touch each other.
Place the folded paper between the lemon halves.
Wrap the red ribbon or yarn around the lemon halves, making sure they hold together with the paper in the middle.
Focus and imagine your happiness if your ex-partner returns.
Put the lemon in the fridge to hide it from family members or others.
You can repeat the spell occasionally.
Important information.
Before you start, make sure you are protected from negative energies. For this, you need to cleanse and protect the space where you plan to cast the spell. A very simple method is to sprinkle salt around yourself. While doing so, say the following words: "I consecrate this space. Only love and goodness may remain within the circle. Hatred and evil are expelled."
You can cast the spell at any time, but some moments may be more effective than others. For example, the full moon is the perfect time to cast a love spell or start something new.
Remember that you must believe in the spell; if your faith is not deep, the spell will certainly not work.
After casting the love spell, patience and trust that everything has begun are extremely important. It may take some time before your wish becomes reality. Impatience and nervousness while waiting for the results only release negative energy, which can adversely affect the effectiveness of the spells.
You can repeat the spell as many times as you like.

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