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Spell for Reconciliation

Even the best of friends and couples have arguments and disputes. If you have fought so badly that it has led to a breakup, or you have stopped talking to each other, this spell will help you attract that person back to you and fix the situation.
What you need:
Love Magic & Spells
  1. -a bit of salt
  2. -water
  3. -a small bowl (it cannot be plastic)
  4. -a key
  5. -rosemary
  6. -a string about 30-40 cm long (preferably made of natural material)
Close your eyes and take 5 deep breaths.
Without opening your eyes, try to completely clear your mind. Get rid of stress and all negative thoughts.
Focus and vividly imagine the person you want to reconcile with (who is to come back to you). Imagine what it would be like if you were together again, what you would talk about, what pleasant things you would do.
Once you immerse yourself in these images and feel a connection with that person, slowly open your eyes.
Fill the bowl with water, add two pinches of salt and rosemary.
Now gently stir the water with your fingers so that waves form on the surface.
Visualize the person again and imagine them coming back into your life. Speak the spell:
Love Magic & Spells
Ever-rippling water, bring peace and gentleness to our friendship (or relationship or love).
So that we begin to understand each other and meet face to face.
Let our problems end.
So mote it be.
When you focus your energy on the rippling water, take the key and hang it on the string.
Holding the key suspended on the string above the water's surface, repeat the spell. Focusing on that person, repeat the spell until the water stops rippling.
Wear the key around your neck for at least three days.
During this time, every time you look at or feel the key, imagine the closeness of this person and how you talk to each other. Try to imagine this as realistically as if this person were standing next to you.
After three days, hide the key.
Contact this person and see if the energy has changed.
If nothing has changed, repeat the whole process.
Important information.
Before you begin, make sure you have protection against negative energies. To do this, you must clear and protect the space in which you intend to cast the spell. A very easy method is to sprinkle salt around yourself. By doing so, you can say: "I consecrate this place. Only love and good can remain within the circle. Hatred and evil are banished.".
You can cast the spell at any time, but some moments may be more effective than others. For example, the full moon is the ideal time to cast a love spell or start something new.
Remember, when casting the spell, you must believe in it; if your faith is not deep, the spell will certainly not work.
After casting a love spell, patience and trust that everything has started are extremely important. It may take some time for your wish to become a reality. Too much impatience and nervousness in waiting for results only release negative energy, which may adversely affect the effectiveness of the spells.
You can repeat the spell as many times as you want.

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