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Love Spell with Rose Petals

Feeling lonely and craving affection, looking for love? This spell could be perfect for you. It is one of the simplest love spells for attracting love into your life.
What you'll need:
Love Magic & Spells
  1. -red rose petals
  2. -a source of flowing water (e.g., river, sea, even a sink or bathtub)
Clear your mind of negative thoughts.
Focus and imagine the person who fulfills the characteristics of your ideal love. These traits must be realistically achievable.
Take the rose petals and throw them into the flowing water.
Say the spell's words:
Love Magic & Spells
Just as this petal floats with the current, so true love will flow to me. Let it be so.
Repeat this at least twice, visualizing your ideal love. Also, make sure that the rose petals are thrown into the water in a way that allows the current to move them. This is an important symbol of the approaching new love.
Important information.
Before you start, make sure you're protected from negative energies. For this, you need to cleanse and protect the space where you're going to cast the spell. An easy method is to sprinkle salt around you. While doing this, say the following words: "I consecrate this space. Only love and good can remain in the circle. Hatred and evil are banished.".
You can cast the spell at any time, but some moments may be more effective than others. For example, a full moon is an ideal time to cast a love spell or to start something new.
Remember that you must believe in the spell for it to work; if your faith is not deep, the spell will certainly not work.
After casting a love spell, patience and trust that everything has started are extremely important. It may take some time before your wish becomes a reality. Too much impatience and nervousness while waiting for the results only release negative energy, which can adversely affect the spell's effectiveness.
You can repeat the spell as many times as you want.

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